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RMS Music Education

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Traditionally, the RMS music department has held a cash-donation fundraiser about every three years to fund needs and wants for the Band, Orchestra and Choir programs.  Because of a COVID delay, it's been about 5 years since we've collected any funds, and we now have a whopping $1.51 in the account so we would love to replenish some funds!


We use the money for a variety of large and small things to greatly enhance our music program including: 

  • Instrument purchases and upgrades

  • Helping to pay for the sound shell

  • Scholarships for students for private music study 

  • Upgrades to the infrastructure of the music area

  • Replacing worn out music stands and chairs

  • And many other items large and small.  


If you feel so moved and would like to donate to our cause, we would be greatly appreciative!  It will enhance the music education of students for years to come.

Want to help keep our music department strong? 

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